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FAQ About Student Records and FERPA

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1. What am I able to request?

Current students and alumni are able to request to inspect and review their education records maintained by the university. If you have had dealings with a particular office or department, there is a chance that they may have maintained documentation. There is no comprehensive list of departments and/or offices that maintain student records and we cannot guarantee that a certain office will have student records specific to you.


2. What is NOT considered an education record?

Education records are existing records relating to a student which are maintained by the university. FERPA does not require the university to create education records nor does it require the university to maintain education records, unless there is an outstanding request by a student to inspect and review the records.


3. Who does FERPA apply to?

FERPA inspection and review rights belong to current and former matriculated students that have been in attendance at the university. 

Recently admitted students are able to submit a FERPA request on or after their first day in attendance, but not before.


4. Can you send me a copy of my records? I need a copy of my transcript/scores/etc.

If a FERPA request is submitted for education records which the university has maintained, consistent with FERPA, you will be allowed to inspect and review them. University policy is NOT to issue copies of education records to students or alumni.

If you need a copy of your Stanford transcript, current students can request a transcript via Axess (transcript order instructions). You can also reference alumni transcript order instructions.  

If you need a copy of your pre-Stanford transcript, please reach out to that institution to order a copy.  

If you need a copy of your test scores, we strongly recommend that you reach out to College Board, ACT and/or ETS to order those reports. Our office is not able to provide you with copies of these documents.


5. Is there a way that I can request to see all records pertaining to my name?

Our office handles these requests on a department/office level, so it is extremely important that you are specific with regards to departments and document types. We reach out to each department individually and give them the exact wording of your request. There is no exhaustive list of departments and offices that maintain student education records.

You will be notified if the requested office or department does not have any maintained education records for you.


6. How long will this process take?

Federal law requires that the university provide access to requested extant education records within 45 days. 

The Student Services Center handles FERPA requests in the order that they are received and the turnaround time varies depending on how many requests we are processing at the time.  

You are welcome to contact to ask about the status of your request. We also encourage you to check your junk and spam folders.

We aim to offer everyone an appointment before the 45-day deadline.


7. How long will the appointment be?

FERPA Appointments are typically 20 minutes in length. If you arrive late, you will have less time to review your file. If, after the appointment, you feel that you need more time to review your documents, you are welcome to make another appointment.


8. I have a disability that may impact my ability to inspect or review my records, what are my options?

We ask that you email us as soon as possible so that we can make the appropriate adjustments. 

We may require assistance from your Office of Accessible Education (OAE) advisor to determine the most appropriate way for you to review your documents. 

It is your responsibility to be proactive in requesting accommodations. Any accommodation requests made on the day of or during the appointment cannot be met and you will be asked to reschedule.


9. Why was something redacted from the records I reviewed?

If you waived your FERPA right to view your letters of recommendation, the letters and any mentions of the recommendations have been redacted.

Names and identifying information of other individuals are redacted from the file. This includes siblings and other family members who are or were Stanford students. In documents that contain details about several students, you will only be able to see information pertaining directly to you.


10. What documents are available to me without having to make a FERPA request?


11. Can I “un-waive” my right to view my letters of recommendation?

No. We are unable to allow you to inspect and review these documents. Your recommender wrote this letter knowing that you waived your right to inspect it.


12. Can I make another appointment to review my documents?

Yes, you are welcome to schedule more than one appointment with our office.


13. Do my parents or guardians have access to my education records?

You are encouraged to maintain an ongoing, open dialogue with your parents or guardians throughout your careers at Stanford about your academic progress and personal development. Most student difficulties are resolved at Stanford without involving parents or guardians. The university does recognize, however, that there are some exceptional situations where parental or guardian involvement may be appropriate to assist a student through a difficult circumstance. Under those circumstances, Stanford may (but is not required to) choose to disclose information to your parents or guardians if permitted by law.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Stanford is permitted to disclose information drawn from education records to parents or guardians if they claim you as a dependent for federal tax purposes. Some laws, especially those relating to medical and mental health care, prohibit the disclosure of information without your consent, even if you are a tax dependent.


 14. My parent has questions about my student account. Am I able to grant them access?

You may authorize others to access your Stanford student financial account and make payments on your behalf. Such individuals are referred to as “Authorized Users”. Authorized Users may view your account summary, review your transaction history, and make a payment to your account. Learn how to add an Authorized User.

You may also give the university the right to discuss and share billing information (which may include university charges, payments, financial aid, graduate aid and refunds) with additional person(s) and/or organizations. You may add a financial information release in Axess under the My Finances drop-down menu.

Breadcrumbs in Axess > My Finances > Bill & Payment System > FERPA Financial Information Release

15. I still have questions. What should I do?

Feel free to send us an email at