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2022-23 Tuition Refund Schedule

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Tuition Refund Schedule, 2022-23 

Tuition is refunded on a per diem basis starting with the first day through the first 60 percent of the term for each quarter. The per diem tuition rates for 2022-2023 are listed below. Example: an undergraduate who withdraws from Stanford on the 10th day of the Autumn Quarter would be assessed $2,634.40 (10 days x $263.44) in tuition. The student would be eligible for a refund of $16,596.60 ($19,231.00 - $2,634.40) minus any scholarship or loan funds that would be returned to the source of those funds.

Graduate, 11-18 units257.93251.05257.93342.35
Graduate, 8,9,10 units167.67163.20167.67222.55
Graduate Engineering, 11-18 units274.77267.44274.77364.69
Graduate Engineering, 8,9,10 units178.63173.87178.63237.09
Graduate Business (first year)351.37342.00351.37466.36
Graduate Business (second year)341.12332.03341.12452.76
Medicine (students matriculating after FY 2010)291.08283.32291.08386.35
Last day for refund11/7/222/22/235/15/237/28/23