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Tuition & Fees

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Change of Address for Mailed Payments:  Our mailing address has changed!  If you need to submit a paper check payment please find the new address and instructions.

It’s important that you understand the tuition and fees associated with your academic journey at Stanford. Your student financial account aggregates charges from various campus services: tuition and academic fees, housing and dining, health insurance and services, student activities, and more. 

Charges vary by degree program and the service choices you select, such as housing and dining plans. 

Updates to your charges follow various timelines, depending on the process. For example:

  • If you request a special registration status or leave of absence, your charges will be adjusted after the request is reviewed and approved by all relevant offices. 
  • If you’re a graduate student and you update your enrollment via Axess before the Final Study List Deadline, your student account will automatically reflect any tuition update, typically within 24-48 hours.

Get a StanfordCardPlan

If you’d like to charge incidental campus expenses – including purchases at the Bookstore, campus eateries, and printing/copying – to your student account, review information about the StanfordCardPlan.