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Enrolling in Third Party Contracts

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To initiate the Third Party Contract (TPC) invoicing process, you are required to submit an application to the Stanford Student Financial Services (SFS) team, and authorize a FERPA release in Axess. 

Other important enrollment items:

  • You may only have one sponsoring organization per quarter enrolled for TPC invoicing. 
  • Once your application has been received and processed by SFS, a conditional credit will be placed on your student account each term. A conditional credit on your student account does not signify payment by the sponsor was received. We strongly encourage you to read and understand this Notice of Financial Responsibility.
  • SFS processes temporary credits after the first term invoice with a completion deadline of the graduate student payment deadline. View this Billing Dates and Deadlines webpage for specific dates.
  • Your TPC application cannot be processed without your FERPA release. To authorize the release of billing information to your sponsor:
    1. Log in to Axess and select the "My Finances" menu
    2. Select "Bill & Payment System" then "FERPA Financial Information Release"
    3. Review the release, add your sponsor, and submit. (The FERPA release remains in effect until you delete your sponsor by ‘opting out’ of TPC invoicing or when you leave Stanford.)


Apply for Third Party Contract Invoicing

Application Submission Deadlines

Third Party Contract (TPC) applications are due no later than the Friday prior to the Final Study List deadline of the term you wish sponsorship to begin. Any applications submitted after this date will not be accepted for a start date in the current term. Please see the Academic Calendar for current Final Study List deadline dates.


Application Due Date


October 7, 2022


January 20, 2023


April 14, 2023


June 30, 2023

Notice of Financial Responsibility

Application processing and conditional credits are posted to your student account prior to the student billing deadline. 

If you have questions about TPC invoicing, the application process, payments, or other related matters, we encourage you to get help from the Student Services Center.