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Your Financial Account Details

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Use this guide to navigate Stanford’s student payment system,  understand your financial account details and print a term statement.

Account Summary

Summary information about your account can be seen on the main Account Summary page.  

  • Access the Student Payment System through Axess.
  • The Balance Due amount is what you currently owe on or before the Due by date
  • If you have Anticipated Aid, it will be automatically deducted from the Balance Due.  Note: Financial aid for future terms cannot be used to pay for the charges in the current or prior terms. 
  • The Balance Due adjusts automatically as new charges are added and credits or payments are made on your account.

If you owe money for a Prior Term, you will be prompted to Pay Now to clear that balance. An unpaid balance from a prior term could result in a hold being placed on your account that prevents you from enrolling in classes or receiving your diploma.

Screenshot of account summary with prior balance

Account Activity Details

Stanford’s student payment system allows you – and your authorized users – to view your financial account details and history by term. That includes all account charges, payments, and credits.  

To view transactions that are included in your account balance, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Student Payment System through Axess.
  2. Select the "Account Activity" tab from the top menu.
  3. Select an individual term or multiple terms you want to view, or select a specific calendar date range to get all transactions within a particular period. Terms are presented in chronological order with the newest term on top.* 
  4. Then, select Generate Activity Report for a filtered view of the term or date range you requested.
  5. You can print any account activity report you would like, by selecting Print Term Statement from the red shaded bar just above the financial amount details.
Screenshot of account activity terms

*Note: If you do not see all the terms of your attendance available to select from the Term field, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “View more terms”. By default, the system shows a maximum of six terms. If you have been at Stanford longer, you will need to select “View more terms” to get additional terms visible at the top of the page to include in your activity report. 

Make a Payment

You and your designated authorized users can make direct payments on your student accounts through Stanford’s student payment system in Axess.
For instructions on making a payment, visit this webpage