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Manage Your Funding

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You may have multiple sources of funding for your educational costs. Browse these funding sources for more information on how they work and whether they apply to you.

Funding & Scholarships

Funding opportunities such as financial aid, scholarships, stipends and cash advances.

Learn more about Funding and Scholarships

Third-Party Sponsors (TPC)

Some students may be sponsored by a third party who commits to paying the student's tuition and/or other fees.

Learn more about Third Party Contract Invoicing

Tuition Grants & Remission

A fairly uncommon funding source that usually applies to Stanford faculty and staff (and their dependents) or to university faculty, staff, and dependents from other academic institutions.

Learn more about Tuition Grants & Remission

VA Education Benefits

Funding available to veterans or dependents of veterans for their education.

Learn more about VA Education Benefits 

Loans & Loan Repayment

If you have been funded through educational loans, make sure you understand your repayment options.

Learn more about Loan management