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Your success is the heart of our mission!

Welcome to the new Student Services website, designed specifically for you – and all Stanford students – to enable quick access to information, resources, and support you need to ensure your academic success at Stanford.

View the 2021-22 Academic Calendar

Find out when enrollment opens, instruction begins, and important deadlines are approaching for each term throughout the academic year.

Request Transcripts & Certifications

Find out how to request your academic transcripts and enrollment or degree certifications, as well as provide access to a third party.

Understand Tuition & Fees

Use these resources to understand Stanford tuition and fees, your student bill and our payment system, other funding sources, and more.

Explore the Stanford Bulletin

Use this guide to navigate your academic journey, including exploring and comparing degree programs and understanding degree requirements.

Quick Start Guide to the New Student Payment System

Our new system provides you with dynamic, real-time balance information that’s easy to understand, access to all current and past charges and payments in one place, and courtesy notifications as due dates approach to help you avoid enrollment holds and other negative financial impacts.

Get Started with this Guide