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The General University Grading System applies to all Stanford University classes except those offered to students through the Graduate School of Business and the School of Law, and M.D. and M.S. in PAS program students in the School of Medicine. Those schools grade courses using their local grading systems, even when your primary affiliation is with another Stanford school. 

Grading Policies

Note that departments may have additional requirements for graduate students to demonstrate your minimum academic progress.

Grade Point Averages (GPA) 

Your GPA is computed using the General University Grading System. If you completed a coterminal degree program, your undergraduate career GPA is based only on courses assigned to the undergraduate degree program. 

See How is my grade point average (GPA) calculated? for further information about how your General University GPA is determined.

Note: GPA is displayed on the official undergraduate transcript only. GPA is not included on the transcript if you graduated before 1986. 

Class Ranking

Stanford University does not calculate your individual class ranking. 

Unit of Credit

Each unit of credit is intended to represent, on average, three hours per week of your time through one quarter. For example:

  • a one-hour lecture or discussion course offered for one unit of credit may allot one hour per week for the lecture and two additional hours per week for independent preparation such as reading and studying
  • a course offered for three units comprised of such activities as studio time, fieldwork, laboratory work, or classroom conversions may allot nine hours of your time to that specific activity or combine your nine hours between that specific activity and other independent work such as reading or experimentation under the direction of the instructor

The department determines the average student time required for the course, and as a result, the number of credits associated with that course.

For faculty and staff information on Grading, visit Inside Student Services.