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Student Financial Aid Agreement

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Read the full agreement below and go to Axess to complete authorization for Student Financial Services to apply aid funds to all university charges on your account.

Your financial aid award may include one or more of the following types of aid: 

  • Title IV Federal Student Loans (Perkins, Stafford, PLUS) 
  • Title IV Federal Grants (Pell, SEOG, ACG, SMART) 
  • University Scholarship/Fellowship 
  • Outside Scholarship 

Under federal regulations and university policies, these types of aid can be applied only to certain standard charges on your university bill. These standard charges generally include tuition, room, board, and required fees. 

The university may also apply certain financial aid funds to other eligible charges on your university bill only if you grant permission for the university to do so. These other eligible charges include, but are not limited to: 

  • ASSU fees (student activity fee)
  • GSB fees (student activity fee, course reader fee, study trip fee) 
  • Health insurance charges 
  • Late payment fees 
  • Late payroll deduction setup fees 
  • Late Study List fees 
  • Housing/Room damage or broken contract fees 
  • IT service fees for cable TV 
  • Law course materials fees 
  • Medical school disability insurance fees 
  • Music and lab fees 
  • Network reconnection fees 
  • Orientation fee 
  • Overseas studies fees (room & board, seminar, miscellaneous) 
  • P.O. box rental fees 
  • Sophomore college fees 
  • Stanford in Washington room & board fees 
  • Telecom fees (Internet/phone) 

If you agree to the terms of this Student Permissions agreement, you will be granting the university permission to apply your financial aid funds to all eligible charges on your account for the current quarter. You are not required to grant this permission; this is an entirely optional agreement. However, granting this permission may expedite the clearing of charges on your student account, thereby helping you to avoid late payment fees and/or a hold being placed on registration. 

If you grant this permission to the university, you will still need to review all charges, payments, aid disbursements, and other items on your account. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to carefully review your student account to ensure that all charges are valid. 

If you grant this permission to the university, your authorization will continue to be valid throughout current and future academic years, unless and until you rescind it. 

How to Grant Permission 

  • Log into Axess
  • My Finances > Bill & Payment System > Update Billing Permissions > Grant Permissions

You may rescind your authorization at any time by submitting a help request to the Student Services Center.

Referenced by SCP Terms & Conditions