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Student Health Insurance Billing & Waivers

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Cardinal Care is an annual plan and students must make their health insurance decision every year, by the waiver deadline of their entry quarter.

  • Students have been assigned this insurance “to do” item in Axess
  • For more details about the plan, including coverage and costs, please see the Vaden Insurance webpage
  • The Autumn quarter Cardinal Care charge was posted to student financial accounts on 9/1/2023, and will be due on 10/20/2023.

What if I want to request a waiver for this academic year?

If you wish to request a waiver from Cardinal Care in 2023-2024, and your health insurance plan meets the waiver requirements listed on page 37 of Student Health Matters 2023-2024, please follow the steps below:

  • To initiate the waiver process, log into Axess to view and complete the insurance "to do" item. 
  • For Autumn 2023-2024, the waiver deadline has been extended to September 30.
  • For more details, please see the Cardinal Care Enrollment Policy 2023-2024
  • To reach the Vaden Insurance team regarding Cardinal Care Health Insurance, please submit a help ticket.
  • Please note: 
    • After a waiver request is initiated, it will be in "pending" status while it is reviewed. 
    • Then, after a waiver is reviewed and approved, please allow 3 business days for it to post to the account. Once processed, both the charge and the waiver will remain on the student financial account for Autumn (the waiver pays the charge). The charge will not appear on the Winter or Spring terms.

What if I don’t see the Health Insurance “to do” item in Axess?

If you don’t see this “to do” item in Axess, this is likely a cache issue. Please try the following:

  1. Please clear your browser cache completely (including cookies), close the browser completely, and restart Axess. 
  2. If that doesn't work, please reattempt using a different browser. (Chrome is particularly susceptible to this cache problem–try Firefox or Edge.)