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Summer Quarter Enrollment

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We know that navigating summer quarter enrollment processes can feel a bit different compared to other times of the year. The following information will help you understand the specific registration procedures for summer. 

Summer Open Enrollment Timing

During the regular academic year, courses open for enrollment about a month before the first day of classes. In contrast, summer quarter courses open for enrollment almost three months before the first day of summer quarter. Because of this adjusted timeline, the open enrollment period for summer quarter partially overlaps with the open enrollment period for spring quarter. It is important to ensure you have selected the correct quarter when making your enrollment selections in Axess during this time period. 

In addition to starting earlier, the open enrollment period also closes earlier in the quarter when compared to autumn, winter or spring. The Final Study List deadline, which is the last day to add or drop courses from your study list, closes after the 2nd week of classes for summer quarter. Note that this is one week earlier than autumn, winter, and spring. Be sure to finalize your summer course schedule by the second Friday of classes.

Dropping Your Summer Courses

Have your summer plans changed and want to drop your previously-enrolled courses? If you've tried to drop the final course from your study list in Axess, you may have received an error message explaining that the drop would put you below the number of required units. Axess enrollment restrictions prevent students from dropping courses that would put them below three units. This setup works well during autumn, winter and spring but can cause confusion during summer quarter when enrollment is not required. 

Prior to the Preliminary Study List deadline (e.g. first day of summer quarter classes), you can request to drop the last course from your summer quarter study list by completing the Summer Course Enrollment form. This form can be found in the eForms portal within Axess. The Registrar's Office will manually drop you from the course and you'll receive a full tuition refund.

After the Preliminary Study List deadline, you can request to drop your last course by completing the Annulment of Summer Registration form. This form can also be found in the eForms portal and is only available for use after the Preliminary Study List deadline has passed. The Registrar's Office will manually drop you from your summer course(s) and you'll receive a prorated refund based on your last date of attendance.

Note: International students on an F-1 visa may be required to maintain full-time enrollment during summer quarter. Visit the Bechtel International Center website for international student enrollment requirements. 

Summer Enrollment for TGR Students

Students in programs that do not require full-time enrollment during them summer are permitted to enroll on a per-unit basis during this period. For students on TGR status, enrolling in one or two units would incur a lower tuition rate than their regular TGR tuition rate. To take advantage of the lower tuition rate, students on TGR status may elect to pause their TGR status during summer quarters. Students should work with their department administrator to submit a support request to the Registrar's Office to pause their TGR status for summer quarter. Note that each summer must be requested separately. 

More information about TGR, including additional details about summer quarter enrollment requirements, can be found on our TGR page.