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Payroll Deduction Plan

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The Payroll Deduction Plan provides an option for graduate Research and Teaching Assistants to pay the university bill over time rather than in one lump sum at the start of the quarter. The plan automatically deducts from your bimonthly salary to pay quarterly charges.  


All the requirements below must be met:

  • As a graduate student, you have been appointed to a Research Assistantship (RA) or Teaching Assistantship (TA) position during the current academic year that has been fully approved by the department.
  • You have a minimum of $500 in charges for the payroll deduction option you selected. 
  • You enroll in payroll deduction before the enrollment deadline.

Enrollment Instructions & Timeline

To enroll for payroll deduction, follow these instructions and take note of this calendar.

  • Enrollment for the new academic year will be available September 1.
  • We recommend that you enroll as early as possible once your TA or RA funding is approved.
  • You may choose to enroll in payroll deduction for one full academic year at a time or for one quarter at a time.
  • You may select from four payroll deduction options, which cover different categories of charges to be paid via payroll deduction.

Enrollment Deadlines & Payroll Deduction Calendar

Enrollment for the new academic year will be available September 1. Enroll in payroll deduction on or before the sign-up deadline (below). After the sign-up deadline, the Financial team reviews enrollment requests to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements, and officially sets up the payroll deduction plans. At that time, you will receive a confirmation of plan set up and will see your payroll deduction details on your student financial account. Each quarter's payroll deduction plan is closed a few days after the final deduction. 


Sign-up Deadline

Setup is typically 1-2 days before

1st Deduction

2nd Deduction

3rd Deduction

4th Deduction

5th Deduction

6th Deduction

Plan Closure
AutumnOct 15Oct 20Oct 22Nov 7Nov 22Dec 7Dec 22Jan 7Jan 8
WinterJan15Jan 20Jan 22Feb 7Feb 22Mar 7Mar 22Apr 7Apr 8
SpringApr 15Apr 20Apr 22May 7May 22Jun 7Jun 22Jul 7Jul 8
SummerJul 15Jul 20Jul 22Aug 7Aug 22Sep 7Sep 22Oct 7Oct 8