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Improve Your Financial Wellness

Learn more about managing your financial life and meeting your current and future financial needs.

Mind Over Money Library

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Gain the knowledge, skills, and habits to be financially well during your time at Stanford and beyond.

Complete our self-paced learning modules, browse a list of curated  financial wellness content, view recorded Mind Over Money webinars & workshops, and enroll in Stanford personal finance courses.

Online Learning Modules

Bolster your personal finance knowledge with the Mind Over Money Learning Modules. These free, self-paced, online learning modules cover four key areas and numerous topics within each area.

Spending and Saving Module Header
Online Learning Module

Spending and Saving

Looking to learn about financial wellness basics? This module covers spending and saving basics, such as banking options, insurance, budgeting, credit card management, and housing options.

Investing Module Header
Online Learning Module


Build your investment knowledge. This module is designed to provide you with the basics of investing, including different types of investments, and preparing for retirement (it’s never too early).

Online Learning Module

Paycheck and Compensation

Strengthen your money management skills with the Paycheck and Compensation module. We’ll dive into compensation considerations like job offers, benefits, stocks, and taxes.

Paying for school module header
Online Learning Module

Paying for School

Paying for school can be a stressful part of college. This module describes funding options, as well as how to navigate common financial issues.

Recorded Workshops

Mind Over Money hosts a number of personal finance workshops throughout the year. Browse our library of recorded workshops on topics from creating a financial plan to investment strategies and first-time home buying.

Browse our library of recorded workshops for Stanford students

Recorded workshop

Financial Life on the Farm #1

Andrew Zimmermann ‘11 kicked off the Financial Education on the Farm webinar series.

Recorded workshop

Ramit Sethi: I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi shared his own personal finance insights from his life during and after Stanford.

Recorded workshop

First-time Home Buying

Presenters from the Stanford Federal Credit Union and Mind Over Money explore what it takes to buy a new home, from understanding different mortgage types to purchasing in the current market.

Personal Finance Courses

Enroll in these recommended courses, and explore others, to deepen your personal finance knowledge and create financial wellness habits that will last a lifetime.

View available courses