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SimpleEnroll Updates

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New Batch Enroll Button in SimpleEnroll

Batch Enroll Button with Arrow

At 9 p.m. on March 1, use the Batch Enroll feature to add your planned classes to your spring study list in the push of a button! Step by step instructions of the new Batch Enroll feature can be found here. Planning opens at 12:01 a.m. on February 27.

SimpleEnroll will continue as a standalone web application outside of Axess. Be sure to bookmark for easy access. 

Check out our FAQs on the new Batch Enroll feature below!

Is the Batch Enroll feature a faster way to get enrolled in my classes? 

Yes! The Batch Enroll feature allows you to submit your entire planned study list as one request. During peak enrollment times, Batch Enroll can take up to two minutes to process. It is still the fastest way to get into your desired classes.

How will I know if all of my classes have been successfully added to my study list?

Once the Batch Enroll process is complete, a list of messages will populate, letting you know which classes were successfully added. Classes that were not able to be added will display an error message, letting you know the reason. 

In what order does the Batch Enroll process enroll my classes? 

The batch process will enroll the classes in alphabetical order by subject. Each enrollment will be processed within seconds of the other. 

If I add a Lecture and Discussion section to my planner, will they both add to my study list? 

If both the lecture and the discussion section still have room in them, they will be added to your study list. If either class section is full, the class will not add to your study list. 

I added a lecture and discussion section to my planner but only the lecture is showing. 

While only the lecture will display in the planned classes section, both the lecture and discussion will be added to your study list if each section has open spaces remaining. If successfully enrolled, both the lecture and the discussion section will display in the Enrolled classes section. 

I want to exceed the maximum 20 units with activity units. Will the Batch Enroll do this? 

The Batch Enroll feature will not allow students to exceed 20 units of enrollment. To exceed 20 units by enrolling in activity units, you will need to enroll in the activity units individually. 

I want to prioritize a class for my study list over the alphabetical order of the Batch Enroll process. What should I do?

The Batch Enrollment feature processes requests within seconds of each other, but if you have a class you are eager to prioritize over the alpha order of the batch tool, you can enroll in this class individually before batch enrolling the rest of your planned classes. 

Two of my planned classes are offered at the same time, will the Batch Enrollment tool allow me to enroll in both time-conflicting classes?

For undergraduate and graduate students, the Batch Enroll feature will override a time-conflict to allow you to enroll in both classes. GSB students should reach out to the GSB Registrar in regard to time-conflicts.