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Tax Essentials for International Students

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If you’re an international student, here are some quick essentials to deepen your tax knowledge.

  • International students need to determine if they are considered residents or non-residents for tax purposes as that will determine what forms are needed to file. See the IRS Substantial Presence Test.
  • If you received scholarship over the cost of tuition and fees, you may be required to pay U.S. and California income tax.
  • Depending on your home country's tax treaty status, the university may have withheld estimated federal income taxes from your scholarship disbursements. (Stanford Financial Aid Office may have paid the withholding on your behalf.) You are encouraged to file a U.S. income tax return as you may be eligible for a refund.
  • If federal tax withholding has been paid on your behalf you will receive form 1042-S from Stanford in March reporting scholarship amounts received and taxes withheld. You will need this document to file your federal income tax return.

Additional Resources for International Students