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School of Medicine (M.D. and M.S. in PAS) Grading System

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The following grades are generally used to report the performance of students in the M.D. program and students in the M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies program:




Results demonstrating sufficient mastery of the material taught in the course.


Results demonstrating work that is not minimally adequate mastery of the material taught in the course.


Indicates that extenuating medical or personal circumstances beyond the student’s control have prevented completion of course requirements. An incomplete can be corrected in a manner specified by the department or teaching group and must be corrected within one year (unless the Committee on Performance, Professionalism and Promotion specifies an earlier date). When a student takes a final or makeup examination following an incomplete, it becomes a pass, marginal pass or fail. If the student does not attempt to correct the incomplete within the agreed-upon time, it becomes a fail.

(Continuing Course)

Results demonstrating satisfactory progress in a course that is not yet completed.


Indicates a course that is exempted by examination. No units are awarded for courses completed.

(Grade Not Reported)

No grade has been reported to the Registrar. It remains on the transcript until a grade is reported. (Effective AY 2009/10.)

In general, a “Fail” grade can be cleared by repeating and passing the particular course or by other arrangements prescribed by the department or teaching group. An “Incomplete” grade can be made up in a manner specified by the department or teaching group within a reasonable time; if the deficiency is not made up within the specified time, the “Incomplete” grade becomes a “Fail” grade. The opportunity to clear a “Fail” grade or an “Incomplete” grade cannot be extended to individuals who are not registered or eligible to register as students in the M.D. program. For more specific information, see the School of Medicine's Grading System web page.