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Improve Your Financial Wellness

Learn more about managing your financial life and meeting your current and future financial needs.

Resources for Current Students and Alumni

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Below are some resources and support for your financial life, well-being, and overall success as a Stanford student and beyond

Current Students

First-Gen Low Income Student Success Center 

Provides resources and support for first-gen and low-income students. They offer the Opportunity Fund and Summer Equity Grant to help with financial needs.

Financial Aid Office 

Offers scholarships, grants, and financial aid options to assist with educational expenses. They provide guidance and resources for understanding and managing financial aid. 

Stanford Federal Credit Union 

Provides banking services, student loans, and financial education resources tailored to the needs of Stanford students. They offer various financial products and services to support students' financial well-being. 

Bechtel International Center 

Serves as a center for international students and scholars. It offers immigration advising and programming which creates  a welcoming and supportive environment for the international community. Bechtel also offers advising and resources for those seeking overseas scholarships.

Graduate Life Office (GLO) 

The GLO offers comprehensive support for graduate students, addressing personal, academic, and financial challenges. Whether you need assistance with roommate issues, family concerns, academic obstacles, or financial difficulties, the GLO is here to help. They provide resources and referrals to support your well-being and success throughout your graduate journey.

ASSU Legal Counseling Office 

Offers legal advice and assistance on financial matters such as tenant rights and contract review. They provide guidance on legal issues related to students' financial well-being. 

Office for Military-Affiliated Communities 

Provides specialized resources and support for veterans, active-duty service members, and their families. They can help support benefits navigation, potential scholarships/grants, and financial life for military-affiliates. 

Graduating Students and Alumni

If you’re preparing for graduation or have already graduated, browse these tips and resources for financial wellness after the Farm and leverage free resources, including financial coaching through Mind Over Money.

Financial Survival Guide for New College Graduates

Great Advice for Grads | 2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of ‘Great Advice for Grads’ from Inceptia and Nerdwallet is now available. This edition includes student loan repayment guidance, with additional advice for your work, life and health. 

Browse the 2024 Guide
Free 1:1 Financial Coaching

Free 1:1 Financial Coaching

Stanford recent alumni are invited to make an appointment with Mind Over Money financial coaches, for free, to support the development of skills and behaviors for life-long financial wellness.

Get a financial coach
Salary Negotation 101

AccessLex Road to Zero: Student Loan Repayment

Setting yourself up for successful loan repayment takes strategy and planning. 

Creating your individual path to pay your loans down to zero requires an awareness of your financial goals, your career goals, your personal and family goals, and an acknowledgement of your current financial situation. The information and support provided by our friends at the AccessLex Institute can help you find your way.

See the Road to Zero Student Loan Repayment guide
Stanford FCU New Grad Package

Stanford FCU Financial Tips & New Grad Package

Mind Over Money’s financial education partner, the Stanford Federal Credit Union, offers real-world financial tips and a special package of financial services for new Stanford grads including auto loans, personal loans, and a rewards credit card.

Check out the Stanford FCU financial tips & new grad package
Stanford FCU Products for Alumni

Stanford FCU Products for Alumni

The Stanford Federal Credit Union provides unique financial services for Stanford alumni including emergency loans, auto loans, and a 0% intro APR credit card.

Check out the Stanford FCU products for alumni
A Strategy to Start Investing for Your Future

A Strategy to Start Investing for Your Future

Create a vision board that motivates you to save and invest for your financial future.

Get guidance on this strategy
Financial Life After the Farm

Financial Life After the Farm

Financial tips and information for graduating students from Stanford Federal Credit Union, a full-service bank serving the Stanford community, and Mind Over Money.

Get your financial life off to a good start