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Understand Your Student Bill and Payment System

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Stanford’s student payment system provides you – and any authorized user – an account with full financial transaction history and dynamic balances to help you easily understand current and past charges and payments in a single place.

Your student financial account: 

  • Provides a clear and easy to understand dynamic balance and due date
  • Aggregates in real-time all charges, credits, payments, and refunds in a single place for current and prior terms
  • Auto-deducts anticipated aid, such as financial aid and graduate funding support, from the balance
  • Makes is easy to add authorized users, such as parents and other family members
  • Offers an option to easily print a term or time period statement
  • Provides regular courtesy notifications as due dates approach to help students avoid missing payments and resulting negative impacts such as enrollment holds and more

Your student financial account – and Stanford’s student payment system –  is managed by Student Financial Services.

Get help

Use these resources to get help with your student financial account and our student payment system:

Review your Financial Responsibility Agreement with Stanford

The first time you access the Stanford student payment system, you will be prompted to review and accept the terms of the Financial Responsibility Agreement with Stanford. 

If you’d like to review the agreement in full, you can do so on this webpage