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Enrollment Groups Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is different about enrolling in classes this autumn? 
    • Starting in autumn quarter 2023, Stanford will introduce a staggered approach to the opening of enrollment. Beginning on the evening of August 30, enrollment groups consisting of 2,000 students each, will initiate the enrollment process in a staggered manner. These groups will be spaced at intervals of 30 minutes, allowing for a smooth and efficient progression throughout the enrollment period. 
    • To ensure the system can handle the load, we are limiting the number of enrollment transactions  students can submit per minute. You will be able to submit a maximum of five individual classes and up to two batch enroll requests within a minute. These measures aim to prevent the misuse of bots and promote a fair and equitable enrollment experience for all students.
  • Why is Stanford introducing staggered enrollment groups?
    • We’re staggering enrollment in response to student feedback and the need to optimize your enrollment experience. By strategically staggering students into groups, we can prioritize students who are closer to graduation, and greatly reduce the excessive load on our system that typically arises during the opening of enrollment, ensuring a smoother and more stable student experience.
  • What are all the enrollment group start times for students this autumn quarter?
    • The first enrollment group will begin enrolling at 6 p.m. PDT on August 30, 2023. All students will be granted access to enroll by 11 p.m.
  • What should I do to prepare for enrollment?
    • To prepare for autumn quarter enrollment, there are a few things you can do prior to August 30th. In order to ensure that Axess and SimpleEnroll are displaying and behaving as expected, it would be best to clear your browser's cache before logging in to Axess or SimpleEnroll. Be sure to review your Axess account to resolve any enrollment holds or to-do items. And lastly, review your enrollment group start time that will be assigned and released on August 10th.
  • When and where can I find my enrollment group and unique start time?
    • On August 10, you will receive an email with your enrollment group and unique start time. This information will also be available in Axess in the Enroll in Classes section under the My Academics menu. Your unique start time will also display as a banner in SimpleEnroll:

Enrollment Group Assignment

  • What was the method used to determine which students were assigned to what enrollment group?
    • Our goal is to support students in the fairest way possible, regardless of their status as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student. We will use the number of completed quarters to determine proximity to degree conferral and priority enrollment start time.
      • For undergraduates, we are prioritizing those with the most enrolled quarters at Stanford. Transfer students will require fewer completed quarters to enroll at similar times to their social cohort.
      • For graduate and Graduate School of Business (GSB) students, second-year students will get first access to enroll, followed by first-year, third-year and beyond, and then Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) students.
      • If you are part of Law, MD, or MSPA, you will begin enrolling on August 14 and will not be included in our August 30 staggering.
  • Why are students assigned to enrollment groups based on completed quarters?
    • We evaluated multiple student-centered criteria in order to determine the most equitable and optimal way to group students in a way that promotes fairness, considers time to degree completion, and the spread of students across our different campus populations. We strived to implement a process that would discourage any practices that could lead to students overextending themselves to earn an advantage in future quarters. Evaluating enrollment groups on completed quarters was identified as the best way to accomplish the goal of providing a smooth and equitable enrollment process for all groups across campus.
  • How can I request a change to my enrollment group?
    • The assignment of enrollment groups is based on the number of quarters completed, meaning students closer to graduation will have earlier start times than those who are newer in their academic journey. For that reason, we are unable to accommodate requests to change these groups. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to make the most of the available options during your assigned enrollment start time.
  • Can I be evaluated for the enrollment group assignment based on criteria other than completed quarters?
    • Enrollment group start times were designed to support students in the fairest way possible across all of our student populations by assigning them based on students' proximity to graduation based upon the typical time for degree completion. At this time we are unable to consider individual circumstances to adjust the assignment of enrollment start times. To ensure an equitable outcome, all students will be evaluated based on the number of completed quarters. 
  • Will my enrollment group change each quarter to ensure equity?
    • Your enrollment group could change from quarter to quarter as you continue to accumulate completed quarters and other students graduate. Each enrollment group is a mix of all student levels: undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. There is no guarantee that you will have the same or an earlier start time from quarter to quarter.
  • Can I trade my enrollment group with another student?
    • Students are assigned to an enrollment group with a unique identifier that cannot be traded or changed. There is no appeals process to get a different enrollment group assignment.
  • My friends and I have the same number of completed quarters. Why aren’t we in the same enrollment group?
    • To ensure equity across all student types, each enrollment group is a mix of undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students. This means you could have a slightly earlier or later start time than those of your peers. Please note that all enrolled quarters are counted, including summers and programs tied to enrollment that last a portion of the summer, such as SoCo and AI.
  • I am a student on TGR status. How was my enrollment group assigned?
    • Students on approved TGR status have been placed in the last enrollment group priority regardless of the number of quarters they have completed. This is applicable for all TGR students across all graduate degree-seeking program types: MA, MS, PhD.
  • Will incoming frosh be assigned an enrollment group?
    • Incoming frosh will not be assigned an enrollment group for autumn quarter and instead will enroll during New Student Orientation (NSO). For winter and spring quarters, frosh will be assigned an enrollment group along with the rest of the undergraduate students. 
  • Why wasn't I assigned an enrollment group?
    • Enrollment groups were only assigned to students eligible to enroll on August 30; students who would not be eligible to enroll on this date were not assigned a group. Incoming frosh and incoming international students have enrollment holds preventing enrollment on this date and there therefore not assigned an enrollment group for autumn quarter. Additionally, non-matriculated students are not assigned enrollment groups and will be eligible to enroll when enrollment opens for all students at 12:00 a.m. on August 31.. 

Multiple Degree Programs (coterms & dual-degree graduates)

  • How is coterm enrollment handled? 
    • Your billing career will determine if you’re prioritized as an undergraduate or graduate student (e.g. if you are on graduate billing, your enrollment group will be assigned based on the assignment logic for graduate students). If your billing career changes after you’ve been assigned an enrollment group, you will remain in your original group. There will be no changes to enrollment groups once assigned. 
  • I’m a coterm on graduate billing. How am I supposed to find the number of completed graduate quarters?
    • For coterms on graduate billing, the number of completed quarters is derived from the number of quarters you have completed since you began your coterminal program, or more clearly, your first graduate quarter. Your first graduate quarter can be identified on the first page on your unofficial graduate transcript, in the top left section, as seen in the image below. Coterminal “quarters back” are not being considered in this evaluation. 

  • I am a coterm or dual degree student. Will I have two different enrollment groups?
    • Coterminal and dual degree students will be assigned the same enrollment group and start time for both active degree programs. Please be sure to select the correct career designation for each course when making your enrollment decisions. If you have an MD or Law career, as well as a GR or GSB career, you will receive an enrollment start time for the evening of August 30, in addition to your August 14 opening of Law and Med classes. 
  • I am a graduate student with multiple degree programs. How were my completed quarters counted?
    • We began counting completed quarters from your earliest active graduate program, based on your billing group. For example, if you have an active PhD program but have previously conferred a master's degree, we are only counting quarters since the first quarter of the active PhD program; prior quarters completed for the master's program (if opened before the PhD program was added) would not count. If you have two open programs with different associated billing groups (i.e. GSB program & regular graduate program), we are counting quarters completed in the degree program associated with your billing group (i.e. GSB billing = counting quarters completed since the beginning of the GSB program).  

General Enrollment Questions

  • How long will I have to enroll in classes?
    • There will be no specific end times for these groups. Once your enrollment group begins, you are free to enroll and make adjustments to your study list until the Final Study List deadline on October 13. Law, MD and MSPA students will begin their enrollment on August 14 and will not be included in the staggering process on August 30. Enrollment opens to Law, MD, and MSPA students for all course career classes on August 31 at 12 a.m. (Midnight). 
  • I am a Law, MD or MSPA student. Why do I have an enrollment interruption on August 30 and why am I last to enroll in general university classes?
    • The university has determined that in order for our legacy technology systems to accommodate enrollment for a smooth experience without system crashes, enrollment start times must be staggered to reduce the potential for an overload in our system. By temporarily pausing MD and Law student enrollment on August 30, the Registrar’s Office can focus on serving other enrollment groups effectively. This interruption allows us to manage resources and provide a seamless experience for undergraduate, graduate and Graduate School of Business (GSB) students during their respective enrollment periods. This interruption for Law and MD students is not anticipated for future quarters.
  • What if the class I’m trying to enroll in is full?
    • As always, for classes that are full, students are encouraged to join the waitlist for a class, if available, in case space becomes available.
  • Can I make changes to my schedule after enrollment?
    • Your enrollment group designates the beginning of your access to the enrollment system for autumn quarter. You will have the ability to make adjustments to your study list immediately and through the entire open enrollment period, which ends on the Final Study List deadline on October 13.
  • What happens if I miss my enrollment group start time?
    • The enrollment group designates the time you are able to begin enrolling. If your start time has past, you can simply log in to enroll anytime. Enrollment will remain open until the Final Study List deadline.
  • When is enrollment open for all students for all types of classes?
    • Enrollment opens for all students for all types of classes at midnight on August 31, 2023 and remains open until the Final Study List Deadline. At this time, MD and Law students are eligible to enroll in undergraduate, graduate, and Graduate School of Business (GSB) classes.

Still need help?

If you have additional questions, reach out to the Registrar's office.