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Annual Student Information Update

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Each year, federal law requires us to collect and confirm information from Stanford students. The information you provide helps us receive federal funding to continue our academic mission.

You will be prompted to complete the annual “Student Information Update” every February in Axess. It includes required and optional sections and takes about five minutes to complete. Because we are required to collect your information, you will have an enrollment hold on your student account until you complete your annual update.

The fields are available all year round for you to update.

Even if you have already entered this information, you must confirm that the information you previously entered is still accurate.

This annual student information update includes: 

  • Emergency contact information: we collect this information in order to be able to respond effectively in emergency situations.
  • Missing person notification: this is federally required information used only in the event that a student is reported as missing for 24 hours or more.
  • Tax dependent status: the university needs to know whether or not your parents claim you as a dependent for tax purposes.
  • Your ethnicity: we collect this information in order to comply with federal law.
  • University policies acknowledgment: Stanford requires that you have read and understand university policies.
  • Civic Engagement: students are provided information about Stanford Votes.

We appreciate your participation in this process of gathering and confirming this information.