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Annual Student Information Update

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Each year, federal law requires us to collect and confirm information from Stanford students. The information you provide helps us receive federal funding to continue our academic mission.

You will be prompted to complete the annual “Student Information Update” every year in Axess. It takes only about five minutes to complete. After you've completed your To-Do item, the fields will remain available all year round for you to update. 

Can't see your hold?

If you received an email letting you know that the Student Information Update hold has been placed on your account but it is absent from your Action Items, it might be a caching issue. Axess is particularly cache-sensitive (if Axess has been updated, the old information in your cache may be preventing current access.). As a first step, please clear your browser cache and retry. If you're still not able to access this component, please try again using another browser.

This annual student information update includes: 

Even if you have already entered this information, you must confirm that the information you previously entered is still accurate. We appreciate your participation in this process of gathering and confirming this information.