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Coterm Course Transfer

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After accepting admission to a master's degree program as a coterminal student, you may request the transfer of Stanford courses between the undergraduate and graduate careers by submitting the Coterminal Course Transfer eForm.

Quarters Back

Only coursework you took during and after the coterm quarters back term may be requested for course transfer. You can identify what your coterm quarter's back rule is by running a transcript report. Any courses taken after the program effective date (see screenshots below) are eligible for coterm course transfer.

Individual programs have the discretion to set their own policy regarding course transfer for their coterminal master's students, provided that no student counts a course taken earlier than the first/Autumn quarter of your sophomore year. The program's coterm quarters back policy is stated in the relevant department or program section of the Stanford Bulletin.

Please note: In the event a student takes a leave of absence for any length of time during their Frosh year and is matriculating into a coterm program with the “Autumn Quarter of Sophomore Year” quarters back rule, the "autumn quarter of their sophomore year" will become their 4th enrolled non-Summer quarter at Stanford. Students who are matriculating into a coterm program that follows a different quarters back policy will not be under this guidance.

Quarters Back


Identifying to which Career Courses are Assigned

Courses assigned to the graduate career count towards the master's degree units/cumulative GPA/program requirements, and courses assigned to the undergraduate career count towards the bachelor's degree units/cumulative GPA/program requirements.  You cannot request courses assigned to one career also being used to satisfy graduation requirements for the other career.

You can confirm to which career each of your courses are assigned by reviewing the Grades by Career page (located in Axess in the My Academics drop-down menu). You can use the filtering option to quickly toggle between the undergraduate and graduate careers.

Alternatively, you can confirm by running a graduate transcript — any course that does not appear on this transcript is not assigned to that career — or by having your department review your courses.

Grades and Program Requirements

  • Students are not eligible to request a course be transferred via coterm course transfer if it is a non-credit bearing course (i.e. RP, NP, NC, W, GNR, I), including courses currently in progress with no grade given. 
    • If students have taken a non-repeatable course on both transcripts (in both UG and GR careers), they are prohibited from transferring either instance of the course that would result in the two instances of credit on a single transcript.
  • The Registrar’s Office has the right to deny a coterm course transfer eForm request if a course listed on the eForm is not required for the students undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Students are only eligible to transfer courses during terms that fall within their quarters back rule and where their undergraduate and graduate programs are active.

Deadline to Submit Coterm Course Transfer Request

You must submit all course transfer requests no later than the Late Application to Graduate Deadline of the intended bachelor's degree conferral quarter. If possible, you should submit coterm course transfer forms prior to applying to graduate in the terminal quarter or as early as possible.

Transfer Prior to Undergraduate Degree Conferral: You cannot request courses be transferred once your undergraduate degree is conferred.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, visit the Enrollment and Degree Progress section of Student Policies: Coterminal Master’s Degrees.