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Personal Finance Courses

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WELLNESS 183: Financial Wellness for a Healthy Long Life

Get grounded in the knowledge, skills, and habits you need to identify and achieve your financial goals in this one-unit course. We will infuse behavior science and psychology into our exploration of personal finance concepts – such as credit, debt, saving, and investing – to build your financial capability in the areas of managing money, planning ahead, making choices, and getting help. By the end of the quarter, you will have a personalized toolkit to create and refine actionable plans for increasing your financial well-being now and throughout your healthy, long life. 

Course Offered: Winter

Lecturer Angela Amarillas

ECON 43: Introduction to Financial Decision Making

Obtain a greater degree of comfort that you Increase your confidence in approaching important financial decisions both now and in the future. Your journey through life will require many financial decisions, including budgeting, financial planning, consumer credit, investing, managing risks to you and your family, and many more. The outcomes of these decisions will heavily influence the quality of your life, including your financial security, your ability to withstand unanticipated burdens arising from the vagaries of your and your family’s lives and to keep open desirable options on how you wish to lead your life.

Course Offered: Spring 

Professors Michael Boskin, Alex Gould, John Shoven


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