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Estimate Your Graduate Charges

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Use this 2023-2024 guide to help you think through charges you might incur and when.

Charges are due monthly. Calendar details are available on the Billing Dates & Deadlines page.

For graduate students, the first Autumn notification will be sent August 25, 2023 with a due date of October 20, 2023.

A Few Tips

  • It’s critical to review and pay your full balance due each month. Although most quarterly charges post at the beginning of the quarter, other charges and adjustments will post in subsequent months.
  • For instance, some courses carry additional course fees, which are assessed after enrollment. Other monthly charges may include printing charges, cable TV and other IT services; miscellaneous items such as music lessons or practice room rental fees, room damage or re-key charges; StanfordCardPlan purchases and changes to the quarterly charges.
  • There may be additional program-specific fees for students in professional programs at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School, or Stanford School of Medicine. (One example is the $400 SBSSA Activity Fee, the annual program fee for GSB students.) Please reach out to your school’s financial team directly for more information.
  • International students with fellowship stipends will see a quarterly charge for federal tax withholding. Are you eligible to claim exemption due to a tax treaty? 


Estimate Your Graduate Charges

ChargeFrequencyAmountMore Information

Depends on program

Tuition and Fees, 2023-24


Depends on housing assignment

Graduate Housing Rates and Billing Information 

Housing DuesQuarterly 

Depends on housing

Graduate Housing Rates and Billing Information 

Technology FeeQuarterly$87Graduate Housing Rates and Billing Information 
Meal PlanQuarterly 

Depends on plan

Graduate Student Meal Plans

Campus Health Service FeeQuarterly$251

Required for all students living in the Bay Area 

Campus Health Service Fee ("Health Fee") 

Cardinal Care Health InsuranceQuarterly$2,376

Cardinal Care Overview and Benefits

If you are covered by alternate insurance, the annual deadlines to waive Cardinal Care are: 

  • August 15 (international students) 
  • September 15 (domestic students)

Important Deadlines 

ASSU Student Activities FeeQuarterly$38Student Activities Fee 
Document FeeOne-time$250

Stanford transcripts, certifications, and diploma fee.

Non-Tuition Charges & Fees

Holistic Budgeting Tools

Please note: the charges listed on this page are specifically those charges assessed via your Stanford student financial account. If you're looking for holistic budgeting tools, please see: