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Can I walk at Commencement?

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Congratulations on reaching one of the most significant milestones in your academic journey! Before you don the cap and gown on Commencement Sunday, it's crucial to ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria for participation. 

Important: the eligibility criteria outlined on this page only applies to the main Commencement ceremony on June 16. Students are not individually recognized and you will not walk across the stage. These events occur at local (i.e. school or department) ceremonies. If you would like to participate in your school/department ceremony, please check with them regarding your eligibility to participate. 

Who is eligible to participate?

You are automatically eligible to participate in the main Commencement ceremony if:

  • you have conferred a degree in Summer 2023, Autumn 2023, or Winter 2024
  • you are expected to confer your degree in Spring 2024 or Summer 2024
  • you are a coterm student who began your undergraduate degree program in Autumn 2020
  • Certain statuses may make you ineligible, such as suspended or temporarily suspended students or students with an OCS hold.

I am not sure if I am eligible. Is there a way for me to check?

Yes! Current students may check their participation eligibility directly in Axess. In your "My Academics" drop-down menu, locate the "Univ. Commencement Eligibility" link. 

Note: the form does not work for students who have already graduated. If you graduated in one of the terms listed above, you are eligible and do not need to double-check.

You'll be directed to a page that will indicate Eligible or Not Eligible, based on your student record. If you are listed as eligible, no further action is necessary. 

If you are listed as Ineligible but would still like to participate, you will need to request an exception. Complete the linked Commencement Participation Request form to request an exception to participate. Students who are listed as eligible should not complete this form. 

Exception requests are due on June 12 at 12:00 p.m. Exception requests submitted after this deadline will not be reviewed.