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How do I enroll in a class with SimpleEnroll?

Looking for something else? Visit the Enrollment Overview page.

  1. Navigate directly to or select the SimpleEnroll button from the Axess login page.

2. Confirm the term you wish to enroll in is highlighted in red if multiple terms are offered. To select a different term, click on the button with the term name you wish to select. 

3. Search for classes by subject, course name, instructor or keyword and hit enter.

3. Filter by instructor or select class.






4. Select enroll and follow prompted enrollment steps.







5. Review your selections, enter any required permission numbers if applicable, and if everything looks correct, click finish enrolling.









6. You may drop a class up until the Final Study List deadline. To do so, select the class, click the dropdown under actions, and select drop. After the Final Study List deadline, you have until the Course Withdrawal Deadline to withdraw from a class.