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How do I enroll in a class with Enroll (Alternate)?

Looking for something else? Visit the Enrollment Overview page or the Enrollment Troubleshooting page.

There are four main steps to complete in order to enroll in classes with the alternate enrollment tool:

  1. Search and select your desired course
  2. Review class offering information and select variable units and grading basis when applicable
  3. Review selections and submit the request
  4. View and confirm changes 

Navigating to Enroll (Alternate)

  1. Under My Academics, click on Enroll in Classes. From there, select Enroll (Alternate)
  1. Select Class Search and Enroll.


Search for Courses

  1.  Select the term you wish to enroll in. If only one quarter is available at the time of your enrollment transaction, the search page will default to that term. 
  1. Enter subject or class information into the search bar. You may search using numerous criteria including subject code, instructor, keywords, university requirements (i.e., WAYs), etc.
  1. You can refine search results with the optional filters on the left once you have begun your initial search.

3. Select your desired class and select Course Information to review course details.

4. Select Class Selection to review and select available Sections. Please note that if you intend to enroll in a linked discussion section, please select the offering that lists both the Lecture and combined Discussion section that you wish to enroll in.

 5. Once you have identified the section(s) you would like to enroll in, click the Select button.

Enroll in Selected Class

  1. Once you have selected your desired section(s), a new tab will populate to walk you through the enrollment transaction. Do not close the previous tab!
  2. Coterms and Dual Degree Students will begin with selecting the Academic Career they want to add the class to, and click Accept once they have confirmed their choice.
  3. Review class meeting date, times and class details then click Next.
  4. If the course offers variable grading basis and/or unit options, select the grading basis appropriate to your degree progress, the desired number of units to enroll in, or enter a department issued permission number if required. Once you have made your selections click Accept
  5. Determine if you want to enroll or save this class in your planned classes. Once you make your selection, click Next.
  6. Review the confirm the selections you have made then click Submit.
  7. Confirm and finalize submission by clicking Yes.
  8. This final page will state if your enrollment was successful. Any applicable enrollment messages will also be displayed on this page. Close the current tab and return to the previous Axess tab.

View and confirm classes

  1. Once you have made your class selections and returned to the main Axess tab, you can confirm your enrollment was successful by clicking View My Classes. Or you can begin a new search to add another class by clicking Return to Search Results, then once the previous search results load click Start New Search

Enroll in independent study courses

Enrolling in Independent Study, Directed Reading, Directed Research, or TGR Dissertation courses follows the same process as enrolling in other courses, except that you must identify the specific class number associated with the instructor with whom you plan to study. Do not enroll in a section that does not have an instructor listed. 

Start by searching for the instructor’s section you wish to enroll in. If using ExploreCourses to identify the section you wish to enroll in, be sure that you are looking at the correct quarter associated with your class or section number. When you find the correct section save the class number to search using the detailed Search for Classes instructions above.