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How To Adjust Units on Variable Unit Courses in Axess

1. Under My Academics, navigate to Enroll (Alternate).

  1. Select Update Classes.
  1. In the Class Preferences section (step 2), select your new unit value.
  1. Confirm that your selections are accurate and when ready, select Submit.

Unit Shaving

The practice of “unit shaving” or unit adjustment is not available. Courses are offered for the number of units that are listed in Axess or ExploreCourses. For example, a course listed in Axess or ExploreCourses  offered for 5 units can only be taken for 5 units. Courses offered for a range of units (e.g., 3-5 units) can be taken for the number of units chosen by the student. 

See the university policy, Amount of Work, in the Student Policies section concerning university expectations for the relationship between work and units of credit.