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Steven Singleton

Meet Steven, a Financial Coach at Mind Over Money and a Field Underwriter with Symmetry Financial. He has a background in business operations and strategy, a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society, and an education from the University for Peace in Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development.

Over the last few years, he has heavily invested in helping students claim greater financial freedom, unlocking the boundless joys of fatherhood, and serving as a champion to the White House for improving access to post-secondary opportunities and reducing social inequity.

When you choose to work with Steven, he will help you unpack and understand deeply held beliefs about money. This is the first step to true financial freedom. His life experiences have taught him that aligning financial decisions with intrinsic values creates room for serenity to blossom.

For many people, financial worries can be a great source of concern. His primary focus is a dualistic strategy. First, empower others to understand and analyze the source of their concerns. Second, provide practical knowledge and tools that assist clients with post-consultation work. His approach creates value for people with backgrounds across the broad spectrum of financial means.

Steven believes that each person is capable of putting their Mind over money and attaining a greater sense of personal financial wellness.

Unique perspectives:  undergraduates, graduates, first-generation or low-income


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