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John Davis

John enjoys seeking out knowledge of ways to leverage financial instruments to achieve financial freedom. He is a strong believer in passive income streams to support that financial journey. John has held several technical and leadership roles in small startup as well as large companies. He holds a Masters and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Architecture) from Stanford and a Computer Science & Engineering BS from University of Washington in Seattle. He has experience on boths sides of the table for salary and compensation negotiation, cap tables, and other startup related questions, like going through an IPO and can discuss the differences between ISOs and RSUs. John’s side hustle is real estate. He enjoys finding properties in need of remodeling and adding value. He and his wife currently own a few rental properties along with their house in San Francisco. John enjoys sharing information and helping others reach their goals, financial and/or career.

Unique perspectives:  undergraduates, graduates, low-income students

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