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A reliable class planning and enrollment experience

Direct Path to SimpleEnroll

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Introducing, your direct path for class planning and enrollment.

This new, standalone web application delivers the SimpleEnroll experience outside of Axess, providing you a direct pathway to a reliable planning and enrollment experience. 

Check out SimpleEnroll's How To Guide in the Resource Library. 

Screenshot of SimpleEnroll user interface

Why are we doing this?

We've moved our enrollment system to standalone web application to remove dependency on the Axess portal. This decoupling addresses performance issues related to the vendor-provided Axess portal technology that caused enrollment outages earlier this fall. The decision to decouple our enrollment system – called SimpleEnroll – from Axess, is the outcome of vigorous technical analysis, testing and exploration from University IT, Student & Academic Services, and vendors who provide the Axess portal technology.

This is the first of a multiple-step process to improve your enrollment experience. The goal of this step was to provide a stable, reliable system that can handle thousands of simultaneous enrollments. Our performance tests have shown that the new SimpleEnroll can accommodate over three times the number of enrollment transactions per minute as compared to Axess-based enrollment tools.

Future improvements include improving the user interface and adding new features and functionality to your enrollment experience.

What does this mean for me?

Screenshot of the new Axess login page with a yellow SimpleEnroll button

Beginning with winter quarter enrollment, plan your classes and enroll in them by navigating directly to Once there, your SimpleEnroll experience will remain unchanged with the same delivered features, functionality and design.

Be sure to bookmark this new web app for easy access, as this is your new enrollment path moving forward

If you end up on the Axess login page out of habit, don't worry. Select the new yellow button labeled "SimpleEnroll" to be redirected to the new standalone web application. 

What about Enroll (Alternate)? 

Enroll (Alternate) will still be available in Axess to students who need assistive technology. Enroll (Alternate) is screen-reader friendly and is reserved for students who require accessibility support.

If you do not require accessibility assistance, use the new SimpleEnroll web application. This will ensure a smooth enrollment process for all students this Winter, and reduce strain on Axess, which cannot handle our enrollment load.