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As a general proposition, only information classified by the University as directory information (see "Directory Information") can be confirmed to inquirers other than the student.


Transcripts of Stanford records are issued by the Office of the University Registrar upon the student's request when submitted in writing or via the online Axess system. There is no charge for official transcripts. The courses taken in one quarter do not appear on any student's transcript until after the final study list deadline. The University reserves the right to withhold transcripts or records of students with unmet obligations to the University.

Certification of Enrollment or Degrees

The Office of the University Registrar can provide written confirmation of registration, enrollment, or degree status upon request by the student. The printed certification can be used whenever enrollment or degree verification is required for car insurance, loan deferments, medical coverage, scholarship purposes, and so on. Using Axess, students are able to print an official certification at no charge. Certification of full- or part-time enrollment cannot be provided until after the study list is filed for the quarter in question.

Degrees are conferred quarterly, but diplomas are issued in accordance to the distribution dates. After conferral, the degree awarded to a student can be verified by contacting the Office of the University Registrar for an official transcript, or official degree certification form. Requests for transcripts or degree certifications must be made by the student in writing or through Axess.

Stanford University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to act as its agent for purposes of third party enrollment and degree verification. The NSC will be able to verify degrees and enrollment for only those students who have not placed a privacy block on their academic record. The student's name when enrolled, Social Security Number or Student ID, and date of birth will be required for identification purposes and enrollment or degree verification. All third parties should contact the National Student Clearinghouse by phone or visit their website for current enrollment and degree verification information, instructions, and fees.

Definition of Full-time Enrollment


As a general proposition, full-time enrollment for undergraduates is considered to be enrollment in a minimum of 12 units of course work per quarter at Stanford. Work necessary to complete units from previous quarters does not count toward the 12 units necessary for full-time status in the current quarter. Enrollment in 8 to 11 units is considered half-time enrollment. Enrollment in 1 to 7 units is considered less-than-half-time, or part-time enrollment.

For students with disabilities taking a reduced course load, contact the Office of Accessible Education for additional information.

All undergraduates validly registered at Stanford are considered to be in good standing for the purposes of enrollment certification.

Graduate and Professional Students

Stanford uses the following definitions (in units) to certify the enrollment status of graduate and professional students each quarter:

Enrollment Status of Graduate and Professional Students






Full time:

8 or more

11 or more

9 or more

9 or more

Half time:

6 or 7




Part time:

5 or fewer

5 or fewer

5 or fewer

5 or fewer

TGR students enrolled in a course numbered 801 or 802 are certified as full time. Graduate students on an approved Graduation Quarter status are certified as full time. During Summer Quarter, all graduate students who hold appointments as research or teaching assistants are considered to be enrolled on at least a half-time basis.

H-1B Degree Certification

As the H-1B application deadline is April 1 and Winter Quarter degree conferral does not occur until after this date (or just before), the Office of the University Registrar provides an H-1B Degree Certification Letter for eligible students graduating Winter Quarter who are applying for the H-1B visa and have completed all school/department and University degree requirements.

Students conferring degrees in all terms except Winter Quarter should request an official transcript in their student Axess account after the degree conferral date of their graduation term. The official transcript indicates the results of all work completed and degrees awarded. Students can also request an official degree certification via Axess, or by completing a Degree Certification Request form. See Transcripts & Certifications for details on requesting a degree verification.

An Enrollment Verification is included with the H-1B Degree Certification Letter. The Enrollment Certification states a student’s enrollment history, current program of study, major, expected degree, and expected degree conferral date. This document bears the University seal and signature of the University Registrar. For more information see H-1B Certification Letter.

Bechtel International Center organizes H-1B workshops which students are encouraged to attend if they have any questions regarding H-1B issues.

Posthumous Degrees

Stanford will consider granting a posthumous degree in instances in which a student was in good standing and had completed at least 90% of all graduation requirements at the time of death. Requests must be approved by the chair of the major department or the dean of a professional school and the University Registrar. Requests should be addressed to the University Registrar and generally should take place within 12 months of the student's death.