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How To Submit Your Reading Committee Signature Page

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If you are a Ph.D., J.S.D., D.M.A., or Engineer student, use this procedure to virtually gather signatures from each reading committee member required for your dissertation or thesis submission.

Upon completion, you will fully satisfy both the title page and reading committee signature page requirements.

Step 1: Obtain Email Approval from Each Reader 

You will need to email each reading committee member, asking for their approval of your signature page for the dissertation or thesis.  Once you have collected their response, you will need to upload the email approvals from each reader to the Axess eForms platform.

You may use this sample request template as your guide.

Save individual copies of each email approval thread as a doc, or pdf file.

We also recommend that you name each individual file appropriately, being sure to include the reading committee member’s last name, which will help with eForm processing.  For example,  "email approval_leland.pdf"

Step 2: Confirm Reading Committee in Axess

You will need to confirm the departmentally approved reading committee members are listed correctly. In the Dissertation & Thesis Center in Axess, complete the section titled "Confirm Reading Committee." This review should include ensuring there are no duplicate, missing, or unapproved reading committee members listed in Axess.

Step 3: Submitting the eForm

Log into Axess and navigate to the Student eForms portal (My Academics > Petitions & Forms) quick link. Next, select "Browse Available Forms", and scroll to the "Reading Committee Signature Page Sign Off", where you will be prompted to upload a saved copy of each email confirmation, as previously outlined in Step 1.

Note: The Reading Committee Signature eForm type will not be available in Axess until the first day of the quarter you plan to submit.

After the forms are processed and accepted, you will be notified in an email. At that time, you can continue submitting the dissertation or thesis in Axess.

To accommodate this processing time, we recommend you submit this form at least 48 hours prior to the dissertation and thesis deadline of the effective quarter. This will allow sufficient time for staff to process and enter forms.